View Full Version : What is your favorite car crush set/toy of all time?

August 4th, 2012, 01:00 PM
What is your favorite car crush set/toy of all time? I'm partial to the SST set due to its detail, cars that crush differently every time and colors. Alas, the cars are very fragile and can only be run over relatively few times before the cars really degrade badly. I also like those crush single cars that came with those 1/28 (or so) scale battery powered tanks from the early '90s. There were 4-8 tanks initially released and they came with a red crush car. They later brought out tire trucks of the same size. Those crush cars really held up to repeated smashing but lacked the detail of the SST cars. I didn't really dig the foil crush cars that came with Hot Wheels Bigfoot playsets of the early '90s, they flopped all over the place, were easy to lose and tear and could be mashed in ridiculously unrealistic ways. One crush car that was kinda neat was the yellow Mercury Capri that came with the Nylint Eagle where you could smash the roof down and flip it back up at will.

How about you?