These are some pictures from the mid 1980s of the monster truck Bullfrog (also known as the Mississippi Bullfrog). The truck was built in the early 1980s by Loden's Body Shop in Amory, MS. The owner is Farrell Loden and the driver was the late Junior Maxey. The truck did lots of local events and traveled some around the south (Tennesse, Louisiana, Mississippi, etc...) They also competed in a few local TNT events. The truck has competed against some noteables such as Bigfoot, Stomper, Clydesdale, No Problem, and Casper to name a few. However, the truck has been sitting rusting away since the early 1990s after someone tried to file law suit against the owner. The truck was sold in 2006 to a gentleman in Fairview, MS. The new owner has basically dismantled the truck and as of a few months ago nothing has been done to restore the truck.