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    My sincere thanks goes out to the Monster Mayhem Board and all members for having a great site to promote ol skool trucks and their history. Without this site, it would be very hard to reach out to the public and people that love Monster Trucking in general. Thank you also for all the friends I have made in our endeavors,hardships and a great deal of fun. Without you, this never would have happened. Glenn
    G-MAN Southern Sunshine Racing Owner/Driver

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    And my thanks go to you, Matt I. and the rest of the SS/CK crew for restoring and sharing 2 important pieces of monster truck history. Y'all really accomplished so much and brought great people together. I truly believe Mart and Paw-Paw would be proud. Just because you had to find new homes for SS and CK doesn't mean the adventures are over, just means there are new ones on the way. Hopefully, TX Terror will continue to keep us posted with the going ons here on Mayhem, remember, not everybody's on FB Again, many thanks for everything y'all've done for " Old-School" Monster Trucks. Don't be a stranger here, all the best.


    Terry "Ridge Runner" York
    Jacksonville, FL.

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    SS is doing fine and has been a big hit in our area.It was the main attraction at my hometowns Halloween Carnival and was a big draw for my haunted attraction.Right now plans are to do some upkeep on the truck this winter and hopefully fix my pesky tire problem and overheating issue as soon as I get some days off from work.My plans are to keep it original but I am also able to change its appearance up in a day and call it "Southern Nightmare" for a few events.I am aware of an older red ford that ran the name back in the 80's but as far as I know it is now demolished.I wanted to keep the Southern name and also use Nightmare to promote my haunted house."Southern Nightmare Motorsports Home Of The Legendary Southern Sunshine Monster Truck" is how I am advertising it.Thanks to Glenn for allowing me to buy it and fulfill a lifelong dream.We have all gained many friends since the trucks were brought back in 2010.Long live SS!
    Southern Sunshine Racing Team Crew/Driver, Equalizer/Hot Tamale Team Crew for Tx

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    Sounds like y'all've had quite a time. I'm guessing the best is yet to come. Hope you might post some pics or video in the near future on MM or Tube. Thanks for keeping us here on MM in the loop.

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    After a terrible family tragedy, I have not been thinking about getting on this site. Thanks goes to Gary and Matt to keep this thread going because if Mart knew there were 235,000 views, he would freak out. My family and I hope to be better someday, but with the loss of our daughter, the creator of the DVD The Dream Lives On, it is very tough. There are only about 15-20 copies of the video out there and I hope one day the rest of y'all can see it. It is awesome! Because of music rights that is why it is not out. She did an awesome job! We love you guys and gals and hope to be back soon!
    G-MAN Southern Sunshine Racing Owner/Driver

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    Very sorry for your loss. Hopefully, you can take some comfort in knowing that Mart and Paw-Paw are with her, and the 3 of them will be watching over y'all.
    Take care.

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    Thanks Ridge Runner, We will be in touch soon. In the meantime TX Terror owns Southern Sunshine and doing great with her.
    G-MAN Southern Sunshine Racing Owner/Driver

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