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    Introducing myself.

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    I am obviously new to this forum, I just bought my first truck the other day, which sparked my mind to think of the old days when I was young and would watch monster truck videos all day long. I have since grown up a lot, I am 18, from my appearance, you really wouldn't think I am much of an 4 Wheel Drive enthusiast, let alone an automotive one.
    Let me describe myself, I have long hair, don't shave, wear flannel and torn jeans, and play guitar and sing in an 90's alternative band. I'm in the northwest, what else are we supposed to be doing?
    Getting back on topic. I decided to join after stumbling on a thread with a truck that looked all too familiar to me. "Thunder Beast", apparently someone here restored that truck. I have a pic to prove it as well.
    This may come of kind of like a rant, and I am sorry for that.

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    -any pics of the truck?

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    Which truck? Mine or the one of the monster truck I found a pic of? Because either way, no posting pics until a 3rd post..

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    -your truck

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    -welcome Arnold:thumbsup:

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