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    pulling power mag.

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    did anyone used to read pulling power magazine?
    I couldn't what for it to come in the mail.
    the only place I could find them was in Kansas when visting my grampa
    i still have them and just about any other mag. that had a monster truck in it.
    talk about good times .

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    i have one issue of pulling power that was given to me by a friend of mine because i own one of the pullers that is in it plus there is an article about the pulls in Lynden, WA
    Joey Haveman, owner of "The Bandit" pulling tractor, "Whiplash" 2wd pulling truck and "Hog Wild" 2wd econoline puller.

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    yeah. even met the current owner of the magazine.
    monster truck fan for over 20 years. man i'm old.
    "Posts means nothing, it's all about knowledge."
    bacardi 151, 75% alcohol, 25% filler.
    "UGH, MY GOOD CHINA!" "dishes done."

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