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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxD4ever View Post
    Dooms Day has nothing to do with an odd number of trucks in the lineup. Look at Atlanta, there were an even number of Feld trucks (8) before you count Doomsday. Just like Detroit 2, there are 10 Feld trucks in the lineup, and 5 indys (3 Koehler and 2 Creten). That would tell me that Doomsday travels alone...
    Doomsday does travel alone.... hence when there are an odd number of trucks listed, Doomsday makes it even.... The number of FELD trucks is irrelevant bc I never said anything about who it may or may not have traveled with... known since Houston the extra truck traveled alone
    Ill have to think of something else witty to put here later

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    but Dooms doesnt count for anything related to the show, it doesn't make a racing bracket even, it doesn't count for freestyle. so i'm not sure what relevance the even/odd statement really has.

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    Iron Man is in tampa

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