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    Time to part with my tape collection

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    After having some of these tapes for over 20 years, it is time for me to part ways with my VHS collection, and eventually my 16-year-old VCR. I know that there is interest from the community for tapes, so I am going to go ahead and field offers for the commercial tapes I have if there is interest in mine. For those worried about this being off-topic, I cleared this with Mr. Twite ahead of time.

    Here goes:

    COMMERCIAL TAPE COLLECTION: Video name (Year - Promoter - Approx run time)

    Monster Truckin' Madness (1991 - Torgerson - 30 min)
    Monsters of Rock and Roar (1991 - Various - 25 min - NOT the USHRA version)
    Monsters of Rock & Roar (1990 - USHRA - 45 min - has a slight hiccup in the stunts section but otherwise in good condition - cover from 1993 pressing)
    Blood Sweat & Gears (1988 - USHRA - 40 min - second cover with Mega Force on the front)
    Motorock Volume 1: Monster Madness (1987 - USHRA - 40 min)
    Monster Mania (1986 - USA - 30 min)
    Monster Truck Bloopers and Motor Mayhem (1992 - USA - 30 min)
    Monster Truck Bloopers 2 and Motor Spectacular (1992 - USA - 30 min)
    Monster Truck Bloopers 3 and Motor Mania (1993 - USA and Bigfoot 4x4 - 30 min)
    Turning the Power On! (1988 - TNT - 60 min)
    Battle of the Monster Trucks (1985 - USHRA - 60 min)
    Return of the Monster Trucks (1986 - USHRA - 60 min)
    War of the Monster Trucks (1986 - USHRA - 40 min)
    Bigfoot: King of the Monster Trucks (1988 - Bigfoot 4x4 - 60 min)
    Inside Monster Jam Volumes 1-5 (1997 - PACE Motorsports - 60 min each)
    - NOTE: Boxes have been autographed by various drivers, but since I obtained these tapes through eBay, and they are autographed with truck names rather than driver names, I have no idea what drivers signed the boxes.
    Crash Madness (1998 - PACE Motorsports - 60 min)
    Crash Madness II (2001 - Monster Jam - 30 min)
    Grave Digger: Domination (1997 - PACE Motorsports - 48 min - Original release, no bonus footage)
    Two tape set: Crash and Crunch/Crush This! (1991 - Various - 80 min)
    Shake, Battle & Roll III (1994 - Special Events - 70 min)
    Three tape set:
    -Monster Truckin USA (1993 - Various - 33 min)
    -Monster Truckin USA 2 (1993 - Various - 31 min)
    -Awesome Monster Trucks (1991 - Unknown - 28 min)
    Three tape set: Monster Truck Mania Volume 1-3 (1998? - Bigfoot 4x4 through various promoters - 120 min each)
    NOTE - Contains footage from the following tapes virtually in their entirety:
    Bigfoot: King of the Monster Trucks
    Bigfoot In Action
    Battle of the Bigfoots
    Bigfoot Strikes Again
    Bigfoot vs. Snake Bite
    Bigfoot vs. Snake Bite II
    (Also contains Team Bigfoot recaps from 1993, 1994, and 1995 PENDA seasons, as well as additional television appearances starring Bigfoot)

    That pretty much does it for the commercial release part of my collection. As for events recorded from TV, pretty much only expect them to be available in DVD format, as my tapes are EXTREMELY unorganized and really should just go in the garbage when the good footage is taken from it.

    Any offers should be PMed to me on this board. I will update the list as tapes are sold.

    No matter how stupid Mayhem gets, it's ALWAYS a source of entertainment, even if the entertainment is unintentional.

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    pm sent

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    hey mr. milloy. idk if your still selling any of these tapes anymore but ive been trying to gain back my collection of tapes from what i lost. if these are still available pm me or hit me up on AIM or facebook sometime bud.

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