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Thread: Your Day Job

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    i do A/C work tech and installer and hoping to start building more trucks on the side

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    I'm a cart pusher at a big box store

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    Feb 2011
    South west Tennessee
    I can finally post in one of these!

    as of yesterday, I've been there for 2 weeks and I'm doing pretty well. Plus a lot of the people like me, and not just because I'm the tallest person there. Not to mention I've got compliments on my performance from some of the crew as well as a couple of the managers. aaaand I'm working alongside one of my high school crushes...
    Well, I got a car. not what I was hoping for but it's a great little thing. If anyone in or around the mid-south area needs help with a show or around the shop, shoot me a message! I don't know much about it but I'd love to learn all about it and help out any way possible.

    TN Outlaw A.K.A PM Customs
    CEO, President, and Head Designer at The MTM2 Truck Factory (now taking applications!)
    Lifelong Monster Truck Fan and, maybe someday, owner of my own race truck.

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    Well not sure if you call my job a day job. I work just weekends. God has bless me with meeting some great people and travel all over the US and Canada with my Tribute to Elvis Presley ....

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    Cottage Grove Oregon
    hey look i can finally post in this thread..(lol) but yea i work as a Horticulture professional(in other words a Medical marijuana grower/trimmer),I sometimes help take care of a ommp farm that takes care of over 100 patients.
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    My Name- Jacob
    New PC! i can start Making Trucks In Algodoo again (Can take requests Again)
    Link to see my stuff made in algodoo here

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    Jan 2012
    I work at a open pit coal mine in wyoming driving the big tonka trucks you see on discovery channel that are the size of a house. These trucks make monster trucks look small lol. I get to drive the tonka trucks in a giant sandbox the same thing all little boys dreamed of when they played in there sand boxes when they were young. I also operate other pieces of large euipment at the coal mine.
    More trucks and less 3D concepts please

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    I'm in high school, working on both my diploma and an Associate's Degree courtesy of the school's early college program. So, really, I'm unemployed.

    For the future, I'm kind of thinking something similar to what Tazfan17 was talking about; my big, huge, pie-in-the-sky dream is to become an NBA player, because I play basketball all the time and would love to play for a living. My backup plan is something in the Engineering field and hopefully being able to live my other dream of getting into the monster truck industry.
    Eagerly awaiting World Finals XV!

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    Jan 2010
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    I'm a machinist at National Technologies in Wisconsin full time and I'm also pursuing my Associates Degree in criminal justice with hopes of entering the academy to become certifiable as a police officer. I also do clean vocals and lead guitar in a metal band. We're trying to find a drummer and someone to do "harsh" vocals and then we'll be set and hopefully playing some shows by at least this summer.

    Though doubtful, hopefully one day I can find a way to get my own truck or something but you never know I guess. I'm good with tools but have no real mechanical knowledge so that'd be kinda tough I suppose.

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    I own lil' bit corny popcorn shop and we make over 100 different flavors of popcorn.
    we also sell bbq ,hotdogs at fairs and farmer market. also do fundraisers .
    like us on facebook and have a chance to win in our give aways.
    we ship anywhere.

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