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    Trophy truck suspension.

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    Are there any videos about how a trophy truck or sst truck suspensions works? i want to learn what I can about it to see if there's anything that can give me some ideas for my tuff trucks.

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    Are you looking for something specific (geometry, shock settings), or general "this is what happens"?

    Related but on a different note, the setups for Trophy Truck will differ from that of a Short Course rig, regardless is there some characteristic that you like that you're looking to build into your rigs?

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    Basics of parts and what happens for now. I'm just in the thought process right now and haven't made a full blown decision on whether I want to build a full blown competition vehicle yet. I know the front ends are independent and don't look too hard to understand but the rear suspension is what I'm mainly interested in learning about right now.

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    Rear suspension is a trailing arm design
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    Thanks for the info. Pretty much just what I was looking for.

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