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  • Summit Bigfoot

    24 9.45%
  • Bad Boy Bigfoot

    31 12.20%
  • Rockstar

    8 3.15%
  • Grave Digger The Legend

    68 26.77%
  • Madusa

    3 1.18%
  • Lucas Oil Crusader

    22 8.66%
  • Star Marshall

    4 1.57%
  • Chalkboard Chuck

    84 33.07%
  • Tasmanian Devil

    0 0%
  • Monster Mutt Rotweiler

    10 3.94%
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    Best looking new truck scheme

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    With all of the either brand new or new-looking trucks, just want to see which ones everyone likes.
    *Edit-Added some more trucks and would change the poll to reflect that, but at this point it looks like the poll doesn't matter anyway
    Summit Bigfoot

    Bad Boy Bigfoot


    Grave Digger the Legend


    Lucas Oil Crusader

    Star Marshal

    Chalkboard Chuck

    Tasmanian Devil

    Monster Mutt Rottweiler

    Mechanical Mischief

    Dragon's Breath

    War Wizard
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    -Jeremy Bunting

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    Cool thread. Great to see all of the new trucks. Where's MM Rottweiler?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backwards Rob View Post
    Cool thread. Great to see all of the new trucks. Where's MM Rottweiler?
    The truck debuted but I don't think pictures from the Council Bluff show has appeared yet.

    I like all the schemes that are new for the year but I think I have to go with Star Mashall for it's original look and the choice of colors.

    Edit: here's my ranking of the trucks
    #1*: Son Uva Digger: one word, AMAZING!
    #1: Star Marshall: awesome unique look and I don't care the body does not fit the chassis.
    #2: Crusader: awesome graphics, it looks like Feld's attempt at a 2Xtreme Racing Expedition.
    #3: Grave Digger The Legend: awesome retro scheme.
    #4: Dragon's Breath: If this is the same as it was on the Hot Wheels die-cast, it is fourth only because of what tops it.
    #5: Summit Bigfoot: Awesome look that is a throw back to the old Bigfoot blue but in a modern way.
    #6: RockStar: may not like the driver's attitude towards things but the graphic designs of his truck this time is cool.
    #7: Monster Mutt Rottweiler: nothing spectacular but nothing that I am not opposed to and for once there is an intimidating Mutt.
    #8: War Wizard: looks cool in the black.
    #9: Madusa: likes that she finally has a paint scheme not based on the American flag but the truck looks like it should be sponsored by Pepto Bismol.
    #10: Mechanical Mischief: looks cool but I liked the 2010 blue paint scheme better.
    #11: Bad Boy Bigfoot: after the last two years of the Bad Boy paint schemes, this one seems lack luster to me.
    #12: Chalkboard Chuck: just looks goofy with the eyes, buck teeth and tongue though I like the idea of the whiteboard monster truck for the fans.
    #13: Tasmanian Devil: I understand it went from Taz to Tasmanian with a (possible) sponsorship drop but the red devil looks ugly.

    *only if it debuts this year.
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    Michael King, fan of Monster Trucks since birth.

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    I guess after some pics show up I could add Dragon's Breath too
    -Jeremy Bunting

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    Here's how I'd rank it from best to worst:

    1. GD: Legend
    2. New Bigfoot Bad Boy
    3. Dragon's Breath
    4. War Wizard
    5. Crusader
    6. New Rockstar
    7. Star Marshall
    8. Mechanical Mischief
    9. New Summit Bigfoot
    10. MM Rottweiler
    11. New Madusa
    12. Chalkboard Chuck
    13. Tasmanian Devil
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    Danny H.

    I could post something witty here, but I decided against it. And now I have wasted your time by making you read this.

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    Digger the legend no contest.
    Matt Sorensen

    ---2011 Shows---
    January 7-9 Council Bluffs, Iowa (Monster Jam)
    February 4-5 Fargo, North Dakota (Monster Jam)

    I support Feld Motorsports and Bill Payne in Rockstar! Don't like it? Too bad.

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    I must say that Rottweiler is impressive, and it's a great idea, and it fits Charles perfectly. Also notice... He has a brand spanking new CRD chassis. That body looks great on it.
    Travis Sewilo

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    The new Monster Mutt looks great. And I can't wait to see Dragon's Breath, she's at Ford Field tonight, so I'll see how it looks, and snap some pics. Grave Digger The Legend is hands down (in my opinion) the best looking new truck. And I'm sorry, great paint, and a really nice body, but Star Marshall just looks wrong with the body offset 4 feet from where it should be. Half the chassis is not even covered, and theres another 3 feet hanging over the front end. I think they need to re-think that design. Cool name, cool paint, cool body, bad execution.

    ...again just my opinion.

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    The Crusader is killer, however the new Grave Digger completely owns all of them. Definitely one of the best looking trucks I've seen in a while.

    Taz.. Is just the opposite though. ICK!
    -Jordan Robson

    [email protected]

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    toss up between digger legend and bay boy bigfoot.
    taz and chalkboard chuck are both yuck
    #1 Andy Brass Fan.
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