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    looking for any info on a ushra 4x4 pulling truck

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    My father recently bought a 4x4 pulling truck I was told it was formally The Tennessee Stud super modified (Blower Truck). Just wonder if anyone remembers it or can date the decals on the door


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    Serious? Tennessee Stud was a stretched to the max Dodge super mod 4x4.
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    There was also a truck called Tennessean but it had a late 70s chevy body.
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    This is just what I was told from the guy we bought it from. The owner is sled operator in eastern Tennessee, He said he was good friends with Gary Cook and had so interesting story's to tell. He said that the No Problem frame and body are setting beside Gary Cooks Shop, which you diehards may have already known.
    I doubt the truck was ever a stretched wheelbase truck, so it must have been a super modified after they went back to a normal wheelbase? Who knows.

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    Never knew what that truck was before they rant that name on it. It has looked that way for at least 5 years. Last I knew Gary had the NP1 truck well what is left of it any way. It was rusty and rotten when John took it apart.

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    Sorry to bump an old post. I found out the truck was called the music city show down and was owned and driven by Reb Hughes. If any one has any more info I would appreciate it.

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