Hey guys - im here in NY spending some time home at my dads, found some UNopen Mj hotweels, I will be bringing them back to NC with me and i will post pics They will be for sale. Mostly GoldBerg / Team meents / Max D and Digger. Yes my goldberg truck is the ORGINAL long card when they first started to came out and evens has Toms autograph from 2001 its in great shape, also i have digger the short carded version with WCWs logo on it, ALSO have Bigfoot Muscle Machines of any paint scheme they ran( not like Jaws or wolfman ) only one i do not have is the Uk #17 bf, I think destination has Rod tweedy autograph on it and they are for sale. ALL in CARDED and 97% MINT COND ! ! ! ! ! !