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    Need some video capturing help.

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    Hey guys I decided to go back to my one of my old ways of recording with a video camera that takes DVC digital video cassette. I just came across my old video capturing device and plugged it into the computer and luckily it installed itself when it plugged in. However I do not believe I still have the disc to the video editor that I used in order record from the camera and capture device to the computer.
    Are there any good programs that I can just download for free that will allow me to record my footage? It's a pinnacle video capturing device if it helps. The editor I used to have was made by pinnacle as well.

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    Nevermind the pinnacle dazzle dvc100 thing. It just reminded me why I hated using it, I already want to smash it into a million pieces. Anyone know a good video capturing device?

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