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    I would mention this truck to a promoter somewhere in the states from Texas to California to "invite" the Brazilian BF to the USA for competition and freestyle. Heck, invite them to the year end big bash and once they arrive, play the same customs game on them and confiscate it. Turnabout is fair play. No money involved and all it was is a simple invitation.

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    Bf 9

    Our government wouldn't play the same games as Brazil did. Even if they were presented with the cold hard facts of the truck being stolen from chandler. They would do as usual and let it go home and tell Chandler to take it up with the Brazilian authorities
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    I highly doubt they have taken care of the the same way Bigfoot 4x4 would have, probably in dire need of an overhaul. I bet its not worth it now trying to bring it back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kouvre View Post
    Brazil, not Mexico.
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    that truck cant be worth more than shocks, tires, wheels and axles.
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    i think this may be the most recent picture of the truck. at least the body looks good.


    here is a video of the truck as well. it doesn't appear to be in bad shape as it did with the yellow and orange "crystal" scheme, which i think was before this video.

    [ame=""]Arena Automobil√*stica Planaltina DF 2008 Big Foot - YouTube[/ame]
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    Not even that I have talked with a Bigfoot driver, wont name drop but I was told only thing worth saving on that truck was the ZFs. the chassis is chrome molly britle. I have posted stuff on here about BF #9 & have talked about BF #6 but it will never happen. My Source said if they could get him into the country that he would go down there & they would not have a truck after he got done with. As much as I hate to say this its not worth saving

    Quote Originally Posted by thelegendaryone View Post
    that truck cant be worth more than shocks, tires, wheels and axles.
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    it would be worth building a replica of it here in the US, lol.
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    Ok well its well known IF someone were to act on this huge endevor is gonna be spendy thats well know what kinds of numbers i have no idea were to begain to figure out an ball park number. Now its it not really worth it? Maybe? So i can see were it would be somewhat easy for Bob to let the truck go due to its going to be a pain in the *** to get back, It could take years hes got the shop to run, Sponsors to keep up with, keep Bigfoot 4x4 running at full fource not chasing a truck though brazil an jummping there hoops, Also i can see it would be cheeper for them to build a new truck it again could take years to get Bigfoot 9 back when it would take them 90 days to build a clone if they chose to, They have plenty of steel on the rack im sure, they got the man power an time, Im sure the sponsored tires an axles could be picked up easily along with shocks, motors, trannys, im sure they have extras at the shop it would be nonsense to chase a truck through Brazil for months or years looking at it from there stand point its not worth it just walk away it sucks yes but they got a bussiness to run not play hide an seek. Now being 12 years later it has traded hands a few times im sure an who knows how much these guys picked up this truck for? Who knows this whole deal could have had quiet a few people in on a whole scam, Maybe not but its possiblie, We will prob never know. Still would like to find someone who spoke porchagese an were able to get some direct correct info from these guys. Maybe they bought it out right an have no idea what this truck has been threw.

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    I'm agree with the idea that it may not be worth the legal hassles and gobs of money it would cost Bob to try and recover BF 9 when he could build a newer and better truck for the money it would cost . But, you gotta figure it still sticks in Bob's craw to this day that one of his trucks was basically stolen from him, and nothing could be done about it.

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