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    big Hot Wheels Monster Jam 1:64 collection going up for sale

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    I have a very big collection I would like to put up for sale. I have done my research on eBay and Amazon to see what price the trucks have recently sold for and what people are asking for to get a value on the trucks. My question is how should I go about selling them? I was going to list them all individually on Ebay and see what I could get or I was thinking about listing the collection on here to see if there is any interest. any help is appreciated. below are some specs on the collection.

    All 1:64 scale
    All new in boxes
    2005: 39 trucks
    2006: 75 trucks (missing #19, 20, 31, out of 53 truck numbers)
    2007: 29 trucks
    Monsters of Destruction Johnny Lightning series: 5 trucks
    Muscle Machines series: 7 trucks
    2001: Predator
    2002: American Guardian
    2003: Grave Digger
    2004: Pony Express

    I have a picture of every truck and a list of all trucks with numbers and if there a special truck.

    I am just looking for some input on how I should go about selling them or if anyone is interested in them. thank you for all your help ahead of time.

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    Over 220 views and no input from anyone?

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    Are you looking to sell the collection as a whole or part it out?

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    I would like to see the Muscle Machines. Email me [email protected] with pics.

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    do you have any from 2012?

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    Would take awhile, but separately or as a bulk lot or do certain you have eBay? That could be a gd spot or craigslist......

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