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    Monster Truck Racing Series of the 80s & 90s - DVD ???

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    Hy @ all!

    I’m a big Monster Truck Fan of the good old Monster Truck Racing Series of the 80s and 90s. There were always shows on TV and I watched them all when I was a kid. I loved these racing events like Penda Points Racing Series. The events of nowadays like Monster Jam are not so special to me. I love the old racing events.
    Sorry for my bad English - my mother language is German. I’m from Liechtensten (Europe).

    So maybe you guys can help me. I really tried all to get a DVD with these racing series on it. But I didn’t find anything in the whole www. So can you help me? I just want a DVD with all these racing series on it. I would love to see it again with Bigfoot, Wildfoot, Snake Bite, Bearfoot, Monster Patrol, Equalizer, Carolina Crusher, Traurus etc.

    Thanks for your help!

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    It's Funny because I am currently making a collection of DVD's for myself towards the PENDA Points Series. If you have Windows 7/Vista (maybe Vista), there is a DVD Maker built into the Computer. I am trying to use that right now starting from 1991 in the PENDA Series.

    Do you happen to have Windows 7 or no?

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    message me. i have what you are looking for.
    monster truck fan for over 20 years. man i'm old.
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    Yes, message Jeremy,he is the undisputed king of video!!
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    Yes, I have Win 7. But where should I get the videos?

    THX, I wrote a message to Jeremy. thx guys, thx a lot for your support!!!

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