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    krimson krusher with 8 ft tires??

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    I'm pretty sure those are just sitting out in California. Seems like there was a thread about them.
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    they are sitting outside of chowchilla CA in front of a terra-gator and farm machinery place. been there, seen them in person. it is just a krimson krusher body on a frame with the tires mounted to the frame, just a display piece. the tank is the old california gold tank. i heard that it had been sold but that could have just been talk. however, when i was there, there was a for sale sign on the tank. credit goes to chopper for the pics
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  4. i wish they werent so far away id like to have em
    how many 8 footers are there?
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    are these mike welch's tires off of fly n fire????

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