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    Question Monster Truck Tires from late Motor Madness years Question

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    Not sure if I should slap this on the main discussion or Old School, but from this picture below:

    Does anyone have any knowledge about these tires? They seemed to be different looking back then. I remember Madusa also used these tires, and Sting also, and maybe a few more.

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    It looks like to me, they shaved the lugs down till they were flush with the tire in the very center and progressively shaved out leaving almost full lug on the side of the tire for side bite?
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    Those tires actually show normal wear patterns for terra tires when used on an actual spreader. If you consider the rounded profile of the tire, daily use would naturally flatten the treads out to give them that distinctive shape.
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    They are GoodYear XT's. Just a little more squared profile and the tread has the little extra curve in it for Xtra Traction XT.

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    Yeah nothin outta the ordinary here. The XT is the main tire goodyear makes now well titan technically. lol And yes that is the wear pattern that is normal for the Big A spreaders.
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    There a haevy 10 ply with the extra rubber in the middle but can be cut into a very nice, durable tire, just takes lots of work.

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    Believe it or not. Those EXACT same tires ran on Spiderman until Tarlton moved to Monster Mutt.
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    I think those actually may be the same fronts that he runs on MM...
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    from the pics i have seen they are still on Whitt's Mutt. Dustin has pics from Charlotte...they were mounted on the back of the truck there.

  10. Tires

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxD4ever View Post
    from the pics i have seen they are still on Whitt's Mutt. Dustin has pics from Charlotte...they were mounted on the back of the truck there.
    If you look at the driver's front tire on my truck you will see is the same kind of tire. Goodyear XT's. Man are those some beefy heavy tires. If you look down the center line of the tire you will see the raised channel. That's why when the tread starts fading you have that weird center line on em.

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