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    old school truck forsale "Big Bad Bouncy"

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    Its not mine just found it forsale. lets hear some history on it.

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    Bouncy was built by Dave Hopkins in the mid 1980's. He didn't do any touring that I know outside of Ontario that I know of.
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    that really sucks just ruined my night seeing that up for sale. A great piece of history right there and one of the original and maybe the 1st monster trucks built right here in Ontario besides a few other ones. Don/bandit

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    buy it then.
    There was once a truck pull in the astrodome in which many believed Bigfoot 4 did not leave the line. The reality of the situation is that Bigfoot 4 was chained the the astrodome and moved the entire facility 300 feet.

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    hey paul I would if I won the lottery LoL (been there done that) already had owned one I do miss it but never know someday down the road.

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