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    Lightbulb Monster Mayhem Hot Wheels Monster Jam League

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    Just an idea I thought up, beings that there aren’t any active leagues on this site anymore…maybe we can bring this section back to life.
    If this does get off the ground, I might start up a real-life league heading into MJ Europe next year, as it’s too late (in my book) for a 1st quarter start.

    So, here’s how this league will be:
    I will be running a Hot Wheels Monster Jam league based off of 1/64 scale diecasts from 2006-7 on. It is strictly the large wheels (not because I don’t want to run the small wheel trucks, but because I didn’t start collecting until late ’06). If you sign up, you can pick 8 trucks off this list and drivers for each. UPDATE: I am adding which drivers are with each truck. PM me if you want another driver. Also, as years go by and my collection expands, more trucks will be able to join the league. If you want, you can trade trucks out for other trucks. Say you own Storm Damage, but Sheer Insanity is a truck you want and has been recently added. If you PM me, I will announce a truck change and give you Sheer Insanity with all of Storm Damage’s points so you (and the truck) can keep up.

    • I need at least one signup, but I would like for this to have 16 signups other than me so the league leader doesn’t have to own (though I’m fine with it if we need it).
    • Each team must have eight trucks. If a truck you want has not joined yet, I can give you a provisional placeholder truck to run until the wanted truck joins.
    • NEW RULE: Your team name will be your username on Mayhem, or if you want if you were on MTC you can use that as well.
    • NEW RULE: The team captains will be decided after who gets the most points in the first event for that team.
    • Each truck has a designated driver. If you want a truck with another truck’s driver, PM me and we can negotiate.
    • If you as an owner are banned from Mayhem for more than a month, I will not allow you to rejoin that year. However, at the silly season in November-December, you can discuss and get back into the league if you still want to. REVISION: I do not care about bans that happened prior to now.
    • Final announcement: This is an offline league, so you don’t need to physically own any of the trucks.
    • This is a racing-only league. (Mainly because it would be a logistical nightmare to add freestyle, since 4 teams will be at every event)
    • Tracks and venues will be decided by votes from the competing teams for that weekend.
    • Four teams will compete on the weekend (32 trucks) to prevent some 10-hour epic nightmare.
    • Points will be as follows: 1 point for starting; 4 points for 2nd round; 10 points for quarter-final; 20 points for semi-final; 50 points for final; 100 points for win (if this is too crazy, comment and we can decide on how to do points as a group)

    1. AAP Grinder –Lupe Soza
    2. Airborne Ranger – Joe Cypher
    3. American Dream – Trey Meyers
    4. American Guardian – Rick Raab
    5. AmsOIL Shock Therapy – Jeremy Brady
    6. Anger Management – Kyle Chandler
    7. Annihilator – Zack Adams
    8. Arachnaphobia – Scott Anderson
    9. Avenger – Jim Koehler
    10. Backdraft – Jeremy Slifko [MJVancouver2013]
    11. Backwards Bob – Mike Wine
    12. Bad Habit – Joe Sylvester
    13. Bad News – Brandon Derrow
    14. Barbarian – Devin Jones
    15. Batman – Norm Miller
    16. Black Smith – Pablo Huffaker
    17. Black Stallion – Mike Vaters
    18. Blue Thunder – Tony Farrell
    19. Boneshaker – Kathy Winston
    20. Bounty Hunter – Jimmy Creten
    21. Broker – Jim Leahy
    22. Brutus – Chris Bergeron
    23. Bulldozer – Guy Wood
    24. Captain's Curse – Alex Blackwell
    25. Clydesdale – Bennett Clark
    26. Covert Crasher – Rob Knell
    27. Cowboy – Glenn Logan Jr.
    28. Crushstation – Greg Winchenbach
    29. Cuttin Coroners – Aaron Cromer
    30. Cyborg – Jack Koberna
    31. Cyclops – Terry (no clue on the last name)
    32. Derailed – Carl Van Horn
    33. Destroyer – Roger Stidell
    34. Devastator – Mark Schroeder
    35. Donkey Kong – Frank Krmel
    36. Donut Patrol – Steve Reynolds
    37. Dragon's Breath – Becky McDonough
    38. Driving Skool – Jim Tracey
    39. El Matador – Daron Basl
    40. El Toro Loco – Marc McDonald
    41. Eliminator – Greg Adams
    42. Eradicator – Andy Slifko
    43. Escalade – Charlie Pauken
    44. Excaliber – Jon Zimmer
    45. Felon – Rod Wood
    46. Freedom Force – Jim Hochstatter
    47. Full Boar – Ed Eckert
    48. Grave Digger – Dennis Anderson
    49. Grave Digger 1983-1985 – Rod Schmidt
    50. Grave Digger Mudder – Gary Porter
    51. Grave Digger the Legend – Adam Anderson
    52. Gunslinger – Scott Hartsock
    53. Heartbreaker – Kaila Savage
    54. High Roller – Neil Elliott
    55. Holiday Hauler – Taryn Laskey
    56. Hot Wheels – Dan Evans
    57. Hurricane Force – Tim Miszentis
    58. Instigator – Paul Breaud
    59. Iron Man – Lee O’Donnell
    60. Iron Outlaw – Kreg Christensen
    61. Iron Warrior – Mike Vaters II
    62. Jurassic Attack – Kristy Edge
    63. King Krunch – David Smith
    64. Krazy Train – Mark Noto
    65. Lil Miss Dangerous – Jocelyn Perrin
    66. Live Wire – Jeff Bainter
    67. Lucas Oil Crusader – Linsey Weenk
    68. M2D Camo Thunder – Andrew Peckham
    69. Madusa – Debra “MADUSA” Miceli
    70. Maniac – Don Frankish
    71. Martial Law – Paul Strong
    72. Maximum Destruction – Tom Meents [possibly Maxdfan11]
    73. Mechanical Mischeif – Jim Koehler
    74. Metal Mulisha – Todd LeDuc
    75. Michigan Ice Monster – Chris Lagana
    76. Mohawk Warrior – George Balhan
    77. Monster Jam World Finals – Bobby Zolener
    78. Monster Mutt – Joe Miller
    79. Monster Mutt Dalmatian – Candice Jolly
    80. Monster Mutt Rottweiler – Charles Benz
    81. Nitro Circus – Travis Pastrana
    82. Obsession – Rick Swanson
    83. Pastrana 199 – Courtney Jolly
    84. Patriot – Dan Rodoni
    85. Pillage Idiot – Sean Duhon
    86. Pouncer – Ron Nelson
    87. Predator – Allen Pezo
    88. Prowler – Lenny Kuilder
    89. Pure Adrenaline – Morgan Kane
    90. Ragin' Steel – Ryan Huffaker
    91. Rap Attack – Dave Rappach
    92. Reptoid – Jim Jack
    93. Rivited – Matt Powers
    94. Rolling Thunder – Jim Bendzick
    95. S. W. A. T. – Bryan Winston
    96. Samson – Dan Patrick
    97. Scarlet Bandit – Dawn Creten
    98. Screamin Demon – Gary Schott Jr.
    99. Shark Wreak – Paul Cohen
    100. Shattered – BJ Johnson
    101. Shocker – Pat Gerber
    102. Son-Uva Digger – Ryan Anderson [TMSPromotions]
    103. Special Delivery
    104. Spiderman – Bari Musawwir
    105. Spike – Rich Hilgendorf
    106. Storm Damage – Tim Mente
    107. Sudden Impact – John Seasock
    108. Superman – Chad Fortune
    109. Survivor – Chuck Jordan
    110. Taz – Chad Tingler
    111. Team AfterShock – Bob Robbins
    112. Team Suzuki – Bobby Parr
    113. Thrasher – Pat Summa
    114. Time Flys – Kelvin Ramer
    115. TMNT – Aaron Basl
    116. Tropical Thunder – Phil Foster
    117. Tuff E Nuff – Jeff Jones
    118. U.S. Air Force Afterburner – Damon Bradshaw
    119. Udder Madness - Becky McDonough
    120. Virginia Giant – Deihl Wilson
    121. War Wizard – Randy Moore
    122. Western Renegade – Barry Parkin
    123. Wild Hair – Jason Witte
    124. Wild Thang – Lyle Hancock
    125. Wrecking Crew – Steve Koehler
    126. Tasmanian Devil - Nicole Johnson
    127. Illuminator - Jay Snyder
    128. Sheer Insanity - Ged Barcroft
    129. Desperado – Drew Haygood
    130. Obsessed – Eric Swanson
    131. Northern Nightmare – Cam McQueen

    Captain America
    Higher Education

    Please note that Tasmanian Devil is a COMPLETELY different entry than Taz!
    League will start when we have 72 signups (3 16-truck stadiums, 3 8-truck arenas)
    Thanks for reading, and let’s see if we can get this thing up and going.

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    UPDATE 10/28/12:

    Since no one has signed up yet, I have revised a few of the rules and updated the list. Signups end on November 24th, 2012. That way we can figure out a schedule for this.

    Also, please reply with one of these poll options, beings that I couldn't add the poll.

    ?Great idea, I?d love to join!?: Please ask me to either reserve your spot in the league while you decide your trucks, or tell me your trucks outright. If you want your ownership to remain a secret til the league starts, PM me and I?ll put (Secret Owner #1, #2, #3, etc.) beside your trucks.

    ?Good idea, but I can?t join this year ?: That?s fine . Hopefully you can come next year.

    ?Not really that interested, but I?ll give it a go?: See the first poll response, and any improvements will be welcome.

    ?I might join if things get fixed?: Please tell me what types of things need changing and we can discuss.

    ?Horrid idea, not joining?: Please tell me if there was anything even remotely good about the idea.

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    New update, Tasmanian Devil has been added.

    If anyone is still interested in this, please PM me with any questions/suggestions/picks. So far no one has signed up. Note: Sign-ups end December 15th!


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    UPDATE 12/1/12:

    MJVancouver2013 has now taken Backdraft. Illuminator and Sheer Insanity now added as everyone okay with changing the rules to only needing to own 1 truck apeice?


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    BIG CHANGE. PLEASE SIGN UP ANYTIME, and you can only choose one truck.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ImpactNeddus View Post
    BIG CHANGE. PLEASE SIGN UP ANYTIME, and you can only choose one truck.

    Are you still doing this?

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    did not know that there was that many trucks

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