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    Monster Jam World Finals 14 Line-Up Predictions

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    I thought it'd be cool to make a thread for people to predict whos gonna be there, and then see who is right

    Here's Mine:
    1 Grave Digger - Dennis Anderson
    2 Max-D - Tom Meents
    3 Grinder - Lupe Soza (Freestyle) Frank Krmel (Racing)
    4 Grave Digger The Legend - Adam Anderson
    5 Son-Uva Digger - Ryan Anderson
    6 Northern Nightmare - Cam McQueen
    7 Captain America - Chad Fortune
    8 Lucas Oil Crusader - Linsey Weenk
    9 El Toro Loco - Marc McDonald
    10 Team Hot Wheels Firestorm - Neil Elliott
    11 Ironman - Lee O'Donnell
    12 Madusa - Debra "Madusa" Miceli
    13 Metal Mulisha - Todd LeDuc
    14 Mohawk Warrior - George Balhan
    15 Monster Energy - Damon Bradshaw
    16 Monster Mutt - Charlie Pauken
    17 Monster Mutt Dalmatian - Candice Jolly
    18 Spider-Man - Bari Musawwir
    19 Blue Thunder - Jon Zimmer
    20 Captain's Curse - Alex Blackwell
    21 Scooby-Doo - Kreg Christensen or Pablo Huffaker
    22 Zombie - Chad Tingler

    23 Avenger - Jim Koehler
    24 Bounty Hunter - Jim Creten
    25 Stone Crusher - Steve Sims

    I'm not sure about the 3 empy Indy spots since they actually earn them, so I left them blank.
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    Honestly with the increase I think you actually may be surprised at who sits out this year.. I'd Consider the Mutts, Blue Thunder, Hot Wheels, and maybe even Madusa on the maybe list. I do expect Wolverine, Superman, Mutt Dalmation (with Laskey), and El Diablo to be Young Guns. Maybe the young guns will be 3 years experience and Younger as well.

    Just for fun here... I'll play along.

    1. Grave Digger
    2. Legend Digger
    3. Son Uva Digger
    4. Maximum Destruction
    5. Grinder x 2
    6. Ironman x 2
    7. El Toro Loco with Marc McDonald
    8. Monster Energy
    9. Mohawk Warrior
    10. Lucas Oil Crusader
    11. Northern Nitemare
    12. Captain America
    13. Spiderman with Bari
    14. Scooby Doo with Nicole
    15. Zombie with Sean Duhon ( or Maybe a Digger driver)
    16. Captain's Curse
    17. Metal Mulisha
    18-20 Whatever Feld truck remaining or maybe Indies
    21. Avenger
    22. Bounty Hunter
    23. Stone Crusher
    24. Gun Slinger
    25. Nitro Hornet
    26. King Krunch
    27 and 28 = Titan, Razin Kane, Raminator, Crushstation, Bad Habit, Backdraft, Brutus, Obession, Patriot and Time Flies... Pick 2.

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    7 Click on this, post 5 (I have the same username as on here). And I do mean what I say about Chad Fortune.

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    World Finals:
    1) Max D driven by (reigning racing champion)
    2) Northern Nightmare driven by (reiging freestyle champion)
    3) Avenger driven by Jim Koehler (past champion in 2011)
    4) Grave Digger driven by Dennis Anderson (past champion in 2010)
    5) Monster Mutt driven by Charlie Pauken (past champion in 2010)
    6) Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw (past champion in 2009 driving US Airforce Afterburner)
    7) Grave Digger: The Legend driven by Adam Anderson (past champion in 2008 driving Taz)
    8) Advance Auto Parts Grinder driven by John Seasock (past champion in 2008 driving Batman)
    9) Spiderman driven by Bari Mussawir (reigning Young Guns champion)
    10) El Diablo driven by Lupe Soza
    11) El Toro Loco driven by Marc McDonald
    12) Son Uva Digger driven by Ryan Anderson
    13) Team Hot Wheels: Firestorm driven by Neil Elliot
    14) Madusa
    15) Captain America driven by Chad Fortune
    16) Iron Man driven by Morgan Cain
    17) Wolverine driven by Pablo Huffaker
    18) Lucas Oil Crusader driven by Linsey Weenk
    19) Metal Mulisha driven by Brian Deegan
    20) Blue Thunder driven by Tod Leduc
    21) Scooby Doo driven by Nicole Johnson
    22) Zombie driven by Chad Tingler
    23) Bounty Hunter driven by Jimmy Creten
    24) Scarlet Bandit driven by Dawn Creten
    25) Gun Slinger driven by Scott Hartsock
    26) Brutus driven by Chris Bergeron
    27) Raminator driven by Mark Hall
    28) Backdraft driven by Jeremy Slifko

    Young Guns:
    1) Wolverine driven by Dustin Brown
    2) Monster Mutt Dalmatian driven by Taryn Laskey
    3) El Diablo driven by Jean Paul
    4) Big Kahuna driven by Sane England
    5) Mega Bite driven by Brad Allen
    6) Ice Cream Man driven by TJ Trip/Scott Sweet
    7) Hotsy driven by Mike Miller
    8) Hooked? not sure if the driver is a Young Gun or not
    Michael King, fan of Monster Trucks since birth.

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    I realize it is the "monster jam" world finals, but i really hope the expanded field and the young guns shoot out lead to more indies getting invited this year and in the years to come.
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    28) Winner of young guns shoot out.

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    idk...alot of Feld trucks and acouple of Indy never suprises me.
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    We can post till are fingers bleed!!! Feld ain't gonna do it our way, your way or my way.
    Timothy T. Knerr
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    This is an easy one
    24 truck line up
    20 will be company trucks (who have all "Earned" an invite to the event)
    4 will be independent trucks (who have busted their ****s to get there and spent a ton of money keeping their trucks going)

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