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    Looking to getting engaged at a Monster Jam show, any connections???

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    So as it says, I am thinking of surprising my gf by popping the question at a show. Either in Jan 23rd at Prudential Center or in March 5th at Webster Bank Arena.

    My question is does anyone on here have any connections with anyone at Monster Jam/Feld that might be able to help me out with this or does anyone have any idea if this is even at all possible?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. If anyone with info doesnt want to post on the forums please feel free to call or text me 718-669-8012.


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    I called Webster Bank Arena, they said I had to get in touch with Monster Jam. I emailed Monster Jam, now I am waiting for a response.

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    I know MJ and Feld R "same" but try Feld in general?

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    I was thinking about that also.

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    try facebook. theres a couple of people who work in the offices of feld that might see it.
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    Well got an email back faster then I thought I would....

    "Thank you for contacting Feld Entertainment, Inc.

    We are not able to assist with your request.

    Best Wishes,

    Feld Entertainment, Inc.

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    So i have a little update.

    I follow Trent (bounty hunter) on his IG and since i saw he is going to be at the show at webster bank i decided to message him a few weeks back asking if he could possibly help me out with this crazy request. I thought i wouldnt get an anwere but he just messaged me back saying he is going to talk to the promoter and see what he can do

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    Soo came across this post and was'd it go, ever pop the question or how'd it go?! :-)

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    Well she said yes lol. Trent (Bounty Hunter) actually got in touch with me about a week before the show saying he was going to try and talk to the show promoter but nothing ever came from it so I just popped the question on Easter lol

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