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    bigfoot4x4boy Guest

    Digger 20 Under Covers Diecast !

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    i like it now just have to wait for it to be a regular diecast so i can get one .

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    goleafsgo783 Guest
    from that pic...WOW looks like really good detail on that paint..

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    jmh1134 Guest
    Thats funny that they sell these trucks like this now. I drilled the rivets out of a couple about 3 years ago for my kids.

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    chad4208 Guest
    im waiting until teh regular version comes out but thats still sweet

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    DaveTheSmasher Guest
    Ugh Digger 20 lol. Looks real good. I'll have to get me that.

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    pablog32 Guest
    the regular version should be out in a month or two

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    rvldthrkstorm Guest
    has anyone picked it up yet? ive been to 2 walmarts,3 targets and still nothing...

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    bulldozzerfan Guest
    I found a TON of them!!!!!!!!!!! They are in the new walmart dump bins along with a Bounty Hunter Under Coverz, Superman and Destroyer X-Raycers

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    rvldthrkstorm Guest
    are these the same dump bins that they have all the 5 doller dvds in?

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    bulldozzerfan Guest

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    They are in the Blue Cardboard HW MONSTER JAM dump bins.

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