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    Astrodome/NRG history DVD

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    This past February, I e-mailed Feld Motorsports and gave them an idea: a two DVD set of monster trucks in Houston starting with the first races in the Astrodome all the way to the action at Reliant Stadium . All they'd have to do is edit out Bigfoot and Snakebite and with all the non televised footage they have I said it would sell well. I actually was watching the Pontiac one and thought "There should be one for Houston because we have a long history of MT action too:" I asked them to forward it to Charlie Manusco or whoever is in charge of the merchandise of Feld and Monster Jam. I hope they did because they said they liked my idea
    What do you think? I want to see racing and freestyle highlights and even the jump off contests held in the Astrodome. Perhaps I should've said three discs because of my mention of all the non televised footage they have.

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    I wish they'd release more old footage in some way. Throw it up online and let people buy subscriptions or something.

    I guess the market of tech people who'd be into that and monster truck fans isn't very big though

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    That would be awesome. I have the Pontiac Silverdome one and love it. The Astrodome differently dose have history.
    Pontiac Silverdome geek, Detroit Red Wings fan and Alabama Football fan. ROLL TIDE ROLL!

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