I have owned a monster truck go kart for 14 years now and I have been observing what works and what doesn't. I will say this, they make children and adults smile.

I try to share my monster truck with as many people as possible however the monster truck can only be in certain places at certain times. So what's the answer? Make more of them of course!

As an engineer and a patent writer, I know a thing or two about getting this done. Of course forums like this are very valuable for input. One must understand their audience (potential customers) well. So here's your chance to input your advice.

I have already started to self fund this effort by creating a series of books. I am also starting a kickstarter campaign. See this repost from the toys section:

New Children's book series "The Adventures of Johnny's Mini Monster Truck"
This is a series about a monster truck go kart that a father built for his son in an effort to make a boy's dreams come true. Follow the stories as the truck is created and then finds new life as a children's ride.

I often get asked if I'm going to make these trucks.....well it just so happens that the books are for funding a development effort. A kickstarter campaign will launch in 2017. Stay tuned because owning a monster truck may become easier and more affordable (as will visits in person).
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