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    new tracks and injured drivers...

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    you know after hearing that dennis got hurt from a failed backflip attempt i started wondering if the new tracks are safe for the drivers. Now I know it sounds weird but hear me out. Since Feld has started phasing out cars, vans, buses, and etc. it seems like their have been more violent wrecks including Ryan, Madusa, Dennis, and some others. Maybe I'm wrong but just a random thought that I had.
    just keeping the peace...

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    Well I don't think it's necessarily JUST the track design. Drivers have been getting hurt since the beginning. It just wasn't as well known previously because there wasn't the internet and the news wasn't so readily available. I'm not going to give the names but there are literally dozens of drivers who had career ending injuries throughout the history of MTs. Broken or severely injured backs, necks, and nerve damage. I have had the conversation with more than one old school driver, where we talked about how we have nerve damage in our left arms from hanging out of the windows, and bracing ourselves, driving the old school leafers. Some days my left arm is numb for hours, to this day.

    I think it is a combination of things.
    1. The new trucks are getting heavier, to accommodate the stresses of the big jumps.
    In the TNT/Penda days they pushed the weighs down extremely low and had a much longer range of travel on the trucks (than previously) so injuries weren't as common or severe.
    2. The new trucks are being pushed farther and farther.
    Like with fighter aircraft there are limits. Some of the newest fighters are literally limited because the pilots cannot take the stress of the crafts capabilities.
    Drivers now are willing to push the trucks far beyond what they should, because that's what they get paid to do. Most drivers are younger and can take the impacts (for now) we will see how they hold up as they get older.
    3. The tracks are being designed to push the trucks higher and at a faster speed
    Think about the tracks previously. We thought it was insane to put a truck 20 feet in the air. Now they do it 2 or more times at one event and some take it well beyond that.
    4. Age of the drivers.
    Some of the older drivers are going to injure themselves. You can't keep putting your body through those kinds of impacts forever without it catching up to you.

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