So here's an odd one: Mark Shreeve is the composer of the production music albums Oracle and Energy Fountain, the two main sources of music for Bigfoot Strikes Again. Turns out, he was actually something of a well regarded electronic artist in the UK, and a few of those tracks have origins in songs he released on his own on legit release albums. They are totally recognizable but also very different and far less polished. The two songs of note are at 20:00 ("Storm Column", which became "Myriad of Colours" and was used as such in the Ranger/Shuttle segment) and around 56:50 for "Crash Head" ("Intimidator"...the theme song!).

A bunch of his other music is clear precursors to what was used for the production tracks. "Legion" from this is clearly the main music video segment from Strikes Again with some twisted sound effects, "Sibex Factor" (19:20) is an intense version of "Thunderdome" from the Fastrax segment, and "Icon" (30:50) became "Shadow Play", the truck roster music :