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    2019 World Finals XX

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    What does everyone think about World Finals XX coming to MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ? As a fan that doesn't fly, I never did get to Vegas so I am beyond excited that the World Finals are coming to MetLife. Curious to see if they can sell the place out both nights (80,000+) and what kind of course they set up for racing. I hope its something new/different since there really is no way to start outside the stadium.

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    i think i read somewhere, probably on Monster Jam's website, that they were going to conduct the World Finals more like the NFL's Superbowl, as a traveling thing instead of it being in one solid place for 20 more years. let's be honest, despite it's amazing layout, Sam Boyd Stadium just plain old doesn't have enough seating for the amount of ticket revenue they could be pulling from the event. i think they still plan on having a "regular season" event at Sam Boyd or more likely the new stadium they want to build in Las Vegas for the Oakland Raider's planned move to the city. now, i have 2 opinion's that oppose eachother; the "wrestle truck" era fan in me wants them to stay because of the tradition and prestige that the atmosphere of Las Vegas brought to Monster Jam, but the current Monster Jam fan in me is completely okay with this move, because from what i've seen, there really isn't any big cultural significance to monster trucks traveling to Las Vegas for one single event, at least not for us fans. Vegas is Vegas, but it's also crazy expensive for people to make the trip, pay for tickets(even for only saturday) and make the trip back to where they came from. a very, very, very large portion of the attendees at the World Finals are not Vegas or even Nevada residents.
    i do hope that this year, they give the stadium a proper send-off, or maybe change the racing layout a little bit. maybe they enter the stadium, then run "San Diego/west coast" or "St. Louis" style with it and get the races from 16 seconds to 25 or 30 seconds, plus require a little more skill than just raw bravery on the single braking zone before throwing the truck into the turn. just an idea.
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    i believe every Bigfoot truck at some point in its life should spend time as Snake Bite. even the new ones

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