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    FlyinBryan4 Guest

    New Monkey'n Around!

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    The debut of the brand new 2001 Dodge Ram Extended Cab GTS Fiberglass body went off great in Gaffney South Carolina. The body was picked up from Georgia and brought back to the shop, sanded down and prepped for paint, then painted all in house by Orville himself, and the graphics work was done by Gale and laid on over the paint at the shop. For being and independent in house operation the body turned out good, continuing with the "cartoon" and "kid friendly" look for all the little'uns in the crowd. Here are a couple of quick shots from Gaffney.

    Now ya'll can play along, what truck did this body originally run on?

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    SunkDuck Guest
    Ground Pounder?

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    DaLinkWent2002 Guest
    My aren't you a swift one.........!

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    SunkDuck Guest
    sure as there's feathers on a chicken

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    Robbie Milburn Guest
    Looks great.

    Ok play along

    who am I......? :lol

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    BrianStell Guest
    Just looking at those pics I thought Ground Pounder/CSK Bearfoot, get the idea lol.

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    BlackStallion2000RULES Guest
    I personally liked the newer Dodge Ram body myself.

    Why the switch?

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    extingisher4x4 Guest
    I guess Steven Hill is the Full Time Driver now?

    Wow I can't wait for him in Amite!

    Crush this, Crush That, Steven Hill is Crushing Everything Flat! :eek

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    FlyinBryan4 Guest
    Steve Hill is the full time driver of the truck, in fact, Steve joked with his dad that he wasn't allowed to drive anymore when they put Steven's name above the drivers door on the new body. Orville ran the 2006 CFP tour with the truck because Steve was finishing up his Senior year in high school. Now that he's wrapping up with graduation, he will assume the full time drivers roll. The 2nd race truck will begin assembly later this year which will be Orville's race truck, which I will also co-pilot at various events.

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    FlyinBryan4 Guest

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    And yes, this is the old Ground Pounder body!

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