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    looking for a team to crew/drive for

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    I am currently owner/operator of a ride truck "bomb squad" I have been racing something since I was 8 years old. I have won in everything I have been in. I got into the monster trucks and have my ride truck and love it but I would love to drive a race truck. I am a very hard worker and believe races are won in the shop. I keep all my stuff very clean and professional. I am located in the fort worth Texas area I have a race shop here we do race cars and trailers out of. if anybody has a spot on a team I would love to be apart of it. 8176371935 Justin Broome
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    Justin is a hard worker and everything he has is CLEAN and RIGHT! Not only is he a good guy but he is an excellent driver.

    Bob Trent it is too bad Bigfoot does not need a Ft Worth truck home he would be perfect for BIGFOOT.

    Ed Beckley
    Checkered Flag Productions

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    Good luck on your search! I would love to drive "Bomb Squad" for you while you drive a race truck!

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    Thank you Ed!!

    Lol yeah if I can do a race truck I would put somebody in the bomb squad

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    I met Justin in Amite, LA this month, and I will back up that Justin is a cool guy, who cares about how his equipment looks. He would make a great team player for a team.
    Matt Ison
    Southern Sunshine Racing Crew Member/ Driver of Cajun King
    Matthew Ison Photography
    Southern Sunshine and Cajun King HAVE rose again!

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