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    Monster trucks jumping over people

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    I saw this video on a myspace page. I guess Andy Hoffman took a lot of heat for jumping over a live person, but in this video has two Live Nation trucks jumping over people. And near the end, Pastrana 199 almost came up short on the jump. It's the 3rd video down.

    Anyone know who was driving Pastrana, or Digger? What are your thoughts on MT jumping people. Here is the link to the video.

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    i think thats the coolest video clip of that particular movie
    but really, the whole shoot was taken care of with the proper steps. there were tons of run throughs before final shoot.

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    this was for the DVD "Thrillbillies" all the proper percautions where taken all the people in this stunt are professional

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    Several higher up's of Live Nation (Monster Jam) were present for this photoshoot. It was something well planned, well thought out, and every safety measure was in place to protect those involved. That, and proper insurance paperwork was more than likely in place with the insurance company knowing the intentions of what was going on. This wasn't some show in the middle of no where, it was well planned out and actually took weeks from what I understand to even arrange for the overall scene of awesome stunts to take place. A++ stuff!

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    That was an amazing clip, I migh have to buy that video.
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    Looks like they kept the monsters kinda off to the side, so as to avoid and major diasater.
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    The Hoffman stunt was nothing on the "danger scale" compared to the Thrillbillies stunt yet everyone jumped all over Andy. The very same people on here who said all sorts of uneducated rediculous things about Andy's stunt were either mute on the LN trucks stunt or even worse did a 180 and said that they think its cool or awesome. Both stunts in my opinion were fine. But if you think Andy's was dangerous you should be apalled by the other stunt!

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    Mace i agree with you 100%

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    All we ask for is intertainment whether it is dangerous or not that was about the coolest thing I have ever seen

    ps I think the SLIP AND BLEED is more dangerous than a well caculated stunt than this

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    I think any stunt jumping a person is completely a horrible accident waiting to it a well planned out stunt or a at the last minute stunt.

    I think we ALL agreed on that back when Andy did it..

    It is funny to look back on this thread NOW since it has been done LN style...
    some of the people who were really cracking down on Andy probably KNEW this had already been done before. I wonder when this video was produced?

    I mean, BOTH "stunts" were bad. I am not saying they arent bad. I am not saying Andy's wasnt bad because he isnt a LN guy... so dont even go there.


    When Andy did his jump it was 1:1 All eyes were on Andy and not here there and EVERYWHERE. Andy is a veteran in this sport, Though it was a bad move on his part he knows monster trucks very well and what they are capable of clearing.

    All i am saying is the NEW video had TOO much going on to have a person watching each and every motorcycle, truck, ramp, jump, person out there.

    I think anyone would agree that it is easier to watch one truck freestyle cause if they have 2 out there it is harder to keep your eyes on both.

    & this whole NEW VIDEO was so well thought out and planned and at NO TIME did anyone stand up and say... ya know, this is completely wrong??? It isnt that safe?

    I mean, Andy's was a spur of the moment thing... you will never know what was actually going thru andy's mind unless you talk to him about it yourself *which i did at the indy jamboree** until then i dont think any of you can pass judgment on him.

    wrong is wrong---

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