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    wow.... this is a shock. i was coming home from a camping trip for a few days and someone texted me. this is such a shock.

    my band is currently writing a song called heavenly conquest, we will dedicate this song to dave. the show we do on friday will have a moment of silence included for him.

    rest in peace dave. may your soul be free
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    Shawn Hunsicker
    Monster Jam Track Crew

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    It's hard to believe these kinds of things, and I wish I could say it wasn't true.

    My thoughts go out to his family and everyone close to him.

    Best wishes Dave

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    I just wanted to say thanks Dave for all you have done for me and my family You have touched our lives vey much. it was pleasure to crew for ya. To meet up on the road for dinner , all the conversations, the laughs but most importantly it is an honor to have you as a friend. Thank you for the kindness and the respect that you have shown my family. you have a special place in the hearts of my girls. You will be deeply missed by all of us.

    We love ya
    Scott White
    Monster truck philosophy 101 ...
    So many are those who can steer a truck, so few are those who can become "one" with the truck.
    Dave Harkey, George Eisenhart -Forever in our hearts and always on our minds.

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    My condolences to the Harkey family, all his friends, Team Bigfoot, and anybody else that is hurting from this tragic loss.

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    rest in peace Dave......

    This has hit us all hard, especially the ones who have worked beside him and watched him do what he loved. Rich and I ran all of last winter with CFP and we had the PLEASURE of running with Dave every weekend. I spent countless hours in hotel lobby's and lounges listening to stories from Dave and sharing with him he was the first driver in BF i ever met and see run live, showed him pictures of me when i was 7 getting things signed by him. Dave,... Linds and I will deeply miss you!

    One thing Dave emphasized every time he seen Me and Linds....."Take care of that baby of yours, CeeJay"....."I love my daughters more than anything else"........And thats one thing he always talked about, How much he loved them!

    Dave was one of my heros growing up........WE WILL MISS YOU MAN!!!
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    Zane Rettew
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    I want to say something............Dave Harkey was my friend. No matter what happened the other day he was still my friend. It is a sad day to lose my friend and I know he was a friend to many of you. Please remember Dave for all the good he has done......................To all his family and all his other friends..........Dave Harkey we will miss you!

    Viper MT Owner/Driver

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    If some of us don't get the info before others could someone post where we could send flowers/cards etc..........thank you
    Viper MT Owner/Driver

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    RIP Dave. You will be missed.

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    thanks for the memories, you were a heck of a driver and good guy to work with. Later Mike

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