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    rest in peace

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    my favorite memory of jesse was the fact that (for at least several shows) he ran coil springs filled with tennis balls. good times......

    R.I.P. Jesse

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    Jesse Birgy

    I have not been to this board in years, but I stopped in tonight and seen this about Jesse. I spent a few years traveling with him doing torgerson shows together and this industry lost a good one. That man taught me alot. One thing you can say about the "grizzly bear" if it was -10 degrees outside and your truck was broke and you needed help jesse was there helping and loving every minute of it. I miss seeing the big green bus pulling into the pits,, those were some good times. I have seen that guy do some amazing things He will be missed big time, but I'm thankful for knowing him the way I did. Christopher "MoonDawg" Guzman

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    What do you do when you never get the chance to meet a legend? What do you do when you never get the chance to actually talk to someone that you've heard all these amazing stories about? What do you do when you never get the chance to say, "Thank you" face to face for all this man did for our industry? You still miss him just like everyone else......that's what I do.

    Via con dios, Jesse and for what it's worth, thank you.
    Monster Truck fan since 1980.
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