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    My run at Buck Motorsports 7-13-2013

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    Hey guys, I hope you enjoy my onboard footage at The Buck from this past weekend. I rushed to get everything ready for the event because I just got the Jeep back after building a motor for it from the block up. I think an adjustment on the idle and float on the carburetor are in order and everything will be working perfectly.

    Here are some pictures from the run as well.



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    That was a good run, up untill you stalled. That was only my second trip to the Buck, but it definately will not be my last.
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    Agreed. I plan on spending the entire weekend with the Jeep. Mainly the carburetor, I'm thinking if I raise the idle just a pinch and raise the float some that it should fix the problem. Will you be at the next Buck Monster Truck event?

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    you used to hammer down a lot more lol. good run though I always enjoyed when you post video and pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RnW 13 View Post
    you used to hammer down a lot more lol. good run though I always enjoyed when you post video and pics.
    Trust me buddy I still got the throttle to the floor driving style. Problem is it's caused me to kill two motors last year. My axle was smashing the oil pump, I got extended bump stops to help protect the oil pump now but I want to take a few easy runs to make sure it is definitely protected well. Once I get some confidence not only will I bet running hard, I'll be running the hardest I ever did in my life.

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