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    Wanted : Bigfoot AMT kit 2nd version

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    Hey all - im looking for the 2nd version bigfoot Amt 89' kit looked on ebay only one came up. NOW this truck is gonna have a special paint involing bf 3's old paint with Big Stevo's LEGEND, i wont give it away but after shes built well i have special plans for it. So PLS if you have one and willing to sell let me know. M C M

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    I don't have one unbuilt availible, but the third version is only a different set of decals. You can also use the Destroyer II kit as it uses the same kit, just a tube grille instead of stock. If you get the Bronco kit, you can use the front clip and doors cut out of the body and cut the wheelarches from the back of the door to the tailgate, glue them together, and now you have the '80-'86 body style Bigfoot 3 started as. Neat little tip, the Bigfoot model versions 2 & 3 use the '80-'86 dash and door panels; Bigfoot 3 during its entire life span at Bigfoot 4x4 had the original cab (it was an '84 XLT Lariat originally) and Bob Chandler confirmed it as did Steve and Jody Ford.
    Information right from the horses' mouths. Hope that helps.
    Also, check Craig's List.

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