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  1. gravedigfan90
    Yeah it is, it's like just because we don't work in the industry we have no right to say what we saw was lackluster.
  2. Awesome Kong84
    Awesome Kong84 gravedigfan90
    Man this site is really becoming more and more of a joke
  3. malicious motorsports
    malicious motorsports Bucking Bronco Monster
    What size and how much for chain drive?
    ROADSIDE sidetracked
    No problem bud, hope you get better luck selling it here.
  5. Blown Income
    Blown Income FatalAttraction.
    Hey. I was told you were running the military style flat faced Pettibone planetaries. I was looking either for parts /spares for my truck or to sell mine if I can't find spares. Give me a call if you are interested in either.
    Jared 306 861 6126
    MTRATTK justdrue
    Hey Drue, I get to ya on Tuesday. I haven't been on here for a couple days. I'm on Facebook, Timothy Knerr
  7. justdrue
    justdrue MTRATTK
    Tim it's Drue call or text me sometime. 570-850-6644
  8. Bdebldr
    Bdebldr nickg20
    Hi, have you ever made a tailgator toy? My son loves him and we haven't been able to find one. He collects the 1:64 scale size.
  9. mud
    mud HeartbeatFan
    Hi how's it going I'm trying to track done the mud rat and I was wondering if you know anything about its whereabouts
  10. bigred
    bigred ROADSIDE
    Text message me 3304163933
  11. sidetracked
    Refresh my memory please!
  12. bigred
    bigred sidetracked
    Hey bud you interested in those Clark's or pie pans?? I have a set of Clark ends for sale for 1500 or best offer.. Text me if your interested
  13. Eightbitrick
    Eightbitrick dave3BA
    Hey man would you sell it
  14. MAMH121890NWATNA
    MAMH121890NWATNA thelegendaryone

    Do you have Monsters of Destruction 2006 from Monroe, Washington and Cottage Grove, Oregon that I could buy from you?


  15. michaelharper9
    michaelharper9 bigred
    we use the 365, have never had any of those
  16. bigred
    bigred michaelharper9
    Hey I hear your the guy to see about zf axles?? Have access to any with wet brakes??
  17. venom nation
    venom nation
    Mr Monroe, how do i start a new thread on this sight????????
  18. PMOnroe86
    PMOnroe86 venom nation
    We sold the mud park. And you aint no spring chicken either my friend !!
  19. venom nation
    venom nation PMOnroe86
    DANG Monroe... 44, time flys huh. Any mudfests in J'ville this summer?
  20. bigred
    bigred FlyHiFlyLo
    Still interested in those planets??