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    The Rebuild of Mud Hog

    Since Russ isn't on Facebook post up some newer pics here.
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    Sway Bar Length?

    just need enough room for the link arm bolt to clear the frame rail when the bar swings past it.
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    A fully sealed battery is required so AGM is pretty much the choice.
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    Blower motors?

    I'd say if you're rebuilding your engine more than once a season then you need to find another motor builder or you beat your **** too hard. lol - - - Updated - - - I know many guys go over a season if possible.
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    Axle shafts

    yup call Russ Gearhart @ 1 269 278 6945
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    I've heard a lot of good about the MUDD RII. I'd try them, seem to be much better service than birch by far. and the MUDD RII works just as good as any other. Talk to John Mudd of Motorsport Communications at 866-966-8672
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    PS-250 Ratio

    ps250 is 3.62 to 1
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    Steering wheel and trans shifter

    The scs Cheeta shifters are pretty sweet and very durable.
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    Orbital steering valve 17 ci valve, nonload sensing, open center. You should only use a lock valve on the rear steer. I'm guessing you mean the cross over relief. So far Vince is the only one I can find with the double cross over relief that bolts to the orbital. other wise...
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    Welding link tabs to cast?

    Anytime you weld to cast you should preheat it and you should use a nickel type rod if it's stick Though I have used 7018 and had good luck. If it's mig you definitely need to preheat and use a specific wire. I can't remember it's designation at the moment. also it helps to make all the tabs...
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    Slick and Ace

    It's going to have a Ram Charger body on it.
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    What are these?

    What you have in the pic is what is under Larry Quicks Ghost Rider. He rarely breaks anything. in that aspect
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    What are these?

    Those are PS250 Rockwell with a nonflanged housing 3.62 to 1 at the planet diffs are probly 5.29 ratio.
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    lol oh it was
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    tires wanted

    What does water hurt? The sun baked ones are the ones you don't want. a little green algae blows right off with a pressure washer.