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    Where is Everyone?

    That would be great and greatly appreciated. It would be nice to get the word out that the stories of MM's death were greatly exaggerated.
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    Where is Everyone?

    Welcome to MonsterMayhem. Others should be along to talk with you about all the monster trucks you have.
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    Anyone effected by Michael

    Just checking to see if any of the members here were effected by Hurricane Michael blowing through. I hope all is well for you. If you have any stories to share with the members, please feel free to tell us about what happened.
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    Where is Everyone?

    Can you let them know it's back up and running? We sure would enjoy having them back and we do have tech support in the background should something happen again.
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    Where is Everyone?

    Hi @honda50r - I didn't do Hot Wheels but my brother sure did. What was your favorite one?
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    Site Related Site working again

    After some issues, the site is now working again. Please give logging in a try. And I will be checking on those that are banned, as it seems to be a glitch. This may take a bit more time than just posting, but it is being worked on.