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    Press Release Bad News Travels Fast: New owners

    Congrats on the purchase Brandon Welcome to the world of monster trucks Brandon, great talking to you the other day and the possibility of running with Checkered Flag Productions. As i said if we have anything become available we will be sure to give you a call and a chance to run with the...
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    Haunted Monster Truck Rides In Lansing,Michigan

    oh yeah thats rite its Haunted Monster Truck Rides in the Mongoose Monster Truck Ride Truck from Lansing ,Michigan! Be Ready to Sit Down & SCREAM on the Mongoose for the thrill ride of a lifetime. Oct.13-15, 20-22, 27-29 open 7pm-11pm or until all souls are served! For more information go to...
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    CFP 2012 truck schedule!!

    Attention all Monster Truck owners we will be booking the 2012 schedule starting Monday October 8,2011. For consideration please contact me Mike Fonder at 920-494-2676 or e-mail your contact info to me at [email protected] asap. make sure to take a look at the schedule of events at...
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    CFP expands

    Contact info Gabe e-mail me your contact info at [email protected] Thanks Mike Fonder
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    CFP expands

    Mikes contact info Mike Fonder 3815 Hillcrest Dr. Green Bay,WI.54313 Office Phone # 920-494-2676 Cell Phone # 920-819-2023 E-mail same as Ed posted [email protected] Thanks Mike Fonder
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    For Sale Another Ride Truck

    Michael Harper is rite, Ding,Ding,Ding!!!!!
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    Monster Truck War Show at Green Valley Speedway

    Building track tommorow at the speedway for this weekends show!!
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    Monster Truck War Show at Green Valley Speedway

    This weekend Alabama ia gonna rock as the MONSTER TRUCK WAR is ready to rock the house as Wild Fire monster truck returns to action with Kyle Carrington driving his dads old truck which has been completely redone and has the new body and paint scheme Calvin made famous! Way to go Rob & Kyle and...
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    Monster Truck War Show at Green Valley Speedway

    Date Change!! Because of high school football the Friday show is moved to Sunday, so instead of September 30 & October 1. New dates October 1 & 2 Sat. & Sun. Thanks Mike
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    Monster Truck War Show at Green Valley Speedway

    Glencoe, Alabama's Green Valley Speedway and A.P.Motorsports Present the 2011 Monster Truck War shows on Friday September 30 and Saturday October 1, 2011. See Bad Habit, War Wizard, Barbarian, Balistic, Viper, Razin Kane and Strait Jacket battle for the title in a wheelie contest, racing and...
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    Ride truck needed!!

    Ride truck needed for September 17,2011 for a one day gig! This is a gauranteed paid deal! Ride truck in parade and then rides at the fairgrounds for this event. Call Mike at 920-494-2676 for more info. Thanks Mike Fonder
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    Billings this Fri & Sat June 24-25

    Billings,Montana Make-a-wish Party! Checkered Flag Productions and the Bounty Hunter monster truck will be granting 7 make-a-wish familys a evening of monster truck excitement tommorow night at Chucky Cheese's resteraunt in Billings,Montana at 6pm tommorow evening! Also the rest of the monster...
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    ENFORCER Monster Truck For Sale, Located in Oregon.

    Love these cheap truck prices, just remember there is a reason for that. After you buy the truck and have to stick a ton of money into it, you will know the reason why its a cheap sale! You pay for what you get! Mike Fonder
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    Summer Show Line-Ups

    Alabama show! Green Valley Speedway Glencoe, Alabama Sept.30 & Oct.1 Trucks: Barbarian, Bad Habbit, Balistic, Viper, Strait Jacket, Razin Kane and R.B.Molers Triple X Truck!
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    Ride truck and equipment for sale

    All items are for sale as of today!! E-mail me at [email protected] for more info and pictures of equipment available. No tire kickers allowed, only interested buyers with cash will be considered! Cash only sale!!!!!! Thanks Mike