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    Feld? Who is in charge, I need MT Shows

    Hey Guys I tried my emails, and numbers i had for Mike Wales is he still in charge of Feld? if not who and how do i reach them? Also if you are a promoter or a MT owner and hear of someone looking for a good monster truck to run for/with them I own my truck work as a teacher during the year and...
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    can i email you a pic of the truck so you can post it under my name under trucks that start with...

    can i email you a pic of the truck so you can post it under my name under trucks that start with i for the insane instructor?
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    What size fuel pump?

    Pumps gears, injection units you name it Call Bob Jobstock out of lapeer michigan he owns j&s saw shop and the Wild Child National hemi blown tractor, he has any used part you could think of hes on ebay a lot to. I dont have his number on me look him up on google. Andy Michalik
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    Desperado Mt Call me!

    Drew! Nope still dont have drews number need to contact him soon i need a truck for a local show.
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    Desperado Mt Call me!

    Hey drew i dont have youre number if anyone has it get a hold of me 810-282-1667 trying to reach drew haygon with desperado/dream catcher out of lapeer michigan Andy Michalik
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    Semi vs Motorhome registration

    motor home So here is what i have a 88 international cab over with a sleeper, has a sink. toilet, solar charger (generator) Propan camp stove 120 3 outlet converter, small pizza oven and a electric hot plate. My Michigan Title say Recreation Vehicle so does my registration and Insurance. I pull...
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    Buying monster trucks!!!!

    Not Looking to Sell but we will run with you Im looking for winter/spring shows
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    Looking for Winter Work

    Promoters and Drivers if you need or hear of someone needing a monster truck we are looking to book for winter shows contact Andy Michalik 810-282-1667 or [email protected]
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    Looking for work, want to race my truck

    Hey guys just throwing this out there, I dont have any shows in stone for the winter months if you need a monster truck get a hold of me. or if you hear of a show needing a truck pass my name along. Thank You Andy Michalik Owner Insane Instructor Monster Truck
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    Monster Build for Sale in MICH

    dont know but il ask around i dont live to far from there but ive got no idea whos it is. If i hear anything il get back to you.
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    Grave Digger Horse Power?

    Mt Engines well i tried to read through most of the comments I can personaly tell you, my lower end is exact to what we run in a drag car that chasis dynod at 724 to the rear tires so approx 15-20% more power at the engine, now what is differnt btween my drag engine and my mt engine is 1 the...
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    Genesse county fair 2010

    Josh Do you have a Number? I thought i had his number butt when i called the area code had changed and someone else was on the voice mail unless i have the number down wrong.
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    Genesse county fair 2010

    who is in charge this year ? i want to race my truck [email protected]
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    Anyone know the width of a pettibone axle from planetary end to planetary end???

    pettibone axles I run full width pettis my truck fits in a 102 wide trailer if my memory is right i want to say 97in sounds right pan to pan
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    Pontiac SilverDome

    Yea I want to Race in that show my truck is itchn for the dome