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  • :)hi jim, how's it going eh? When you coming for a visit? Hope your doing good!!! Its been busy here in the movies roger been working on a-team, he is the captain on the second unit so he gets to do all the stunts. I have been working on psych, the tv show. Just wanted to say hi, take care!!! From canada, sue
    i didn't take it as knocking at all--- i thought you were commenting on my facebook status about a dude from Normal, IL that replyed to my craigslist add. Sorry, i should have asked what your post meant completely. i thought you were meaning, nice going...
    anyhow, we got one for the little boy and he couldn't be happier.
    Thanks anyways though-
    hey jimmy how are you doing? im doing fine i guess. i was wondering if there was anyone that you know of that build suspesion for tough trucks. i am finally starting on mine well i started on it a couple months ago and am about to put the roll cage in it but the suspension is not something that i want to mess with. sense i havent got a clue on pinion angles and stuff like that.

    thanks and hope to see ya soon
    dale caswell 512 577 9425
    ok, i broke down and signed up no more lurking maybe someone on here will let me know when i get a ride or if i'm driving somewhere
    Hey Dude!
    Haven't talked to you in a while, just thought i'd say HI! I'll try to remember to call you when I get a chance. Tell everyone I said HI, I miss you all alot!
    hi again, l see they have seasock coming to bc place.will that be his first time in western canada?
    hey jim, if you see kreg in max d say hi from canada, eh!!!! are you coming to bc place? take care and HAVE A GREAT 2009 !!!!! FROM SUE, EH
    hey jimmy how is it going? will you be in san antonio next week? if so i hope to see you there. its been a long time since we talked so i hope to be able to soon. my old phone took a dump and lost all of my phone numbers, mine is 512 577 9425 if you dont still have it and need to get ahold of me.

    take care
    dale caswell
    Ill get to you ,that may happen .im setting up my own 4 man crew to set up and run the show this year.tired of not knowing if i have reliable people to work.
    Sup man......? Sorry about that previous PM, I was just going through a bunch of stuff, but hopefully there is some light at the end of this tunnel.....I got something I wanted to discuss with you, but I am sure I will wait until you are state side and have time....!
    I know that you could honestly give a **** about my situation and what not, and while I have had repeated attempts at getting that trophy to Lee(as I have stated to him in phone conversations) I am just giving it to Shawn Hancock today, and he will be sending it to Lee. I have had family members passing left and right, I was laid off from my job, so I have been a little busy with trying to get LIFE together. I know it doesn't matter to you though, because you never liked me from the start...so this is just a chance for you to try to get at me...but it's fine whatever makes you feel good at the end of the day...
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