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  • Yeah i got tired of making rc videos because it was so stressful. Make new track, charge up batteries, charge up camera, find someone to be camera boy, etc etc. I really dont like things like what will is doing, rc is supposed to be fun, not within rules. I mean i think it would be cool if a rc company made a challenge say HPI and you will actual stuff to further relax lol. I got tired of youtube so im going to rc monster truck racing. Maybe sometime you can too.
    Yeah i decided to not make any videos for those contests anymore because it really does come down to a popularity contest. Id agree you would win in less the people vote for MJF's freestyles which i still feel showed just how bad he is, no momentum, stop go, etc etc etc. I have a few rc videos, 2 actually with my brushless in my wk. One where i stripped the spur lol and another a fair fs. I just havent had that go get out and video tape mood. Ive got a clodbuster, 2wks, a dormiant nmk(cant get a new driveshaft, and stripped a hd diff). Plus im swapped trying to get ready for the nr/ctpa so yeah lol.
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