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    All Star Monster Truck tour - NY State Fair - Syracuse, NY

    Did a little searching based off of what I saw on some teams' schedules, looks like a cool show coming to the New York State Fair the end of August: -Avenger -Wrecking Crew -Brutus -Spike...
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    Syracuse Roll - Call

    Well that was a blast. Just got back home to Long Island. Great show IMO. Racing was good, a lot of CLOSE finishes and a good appearance by Greg in Crushstation if you ask me. Racing highlight to me though was Joe Sylvester in Bad Habit coming off the 2nd jump of his Round 2 race a little...
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    Why Does Grinder Not Do West Coast Shows?

    Yeah, like I just said a few hours before you lol
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    Sleds and Monster trucks!

    WELL SAID! So right. I gotta get to a good bog this year...
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    Why Does Grinder Not Do West Coast Shows?

    This is the same type of discussion that came up with the Safe Auto Minimizer truck a few years back. Safe Auto was/is an automotive insurance company. The truck didn't run shows in some regions, but I did some research and found the same thing you guys are finding - Monster Jam didn't send...
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    Any news on how Ryan Anderson's doing?

    Yeah, the collisions are out of hand. Scary to say, but after last night's version, it makes the Anderson's 2 years ago look TAME and dare I say it, COOL! Bad to the bone I guess...ok, I threw a pun in there, lol.\ Anyway, on a serious note, maybe this could serve as a wake-up call. I...
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    Syracuse 2012 Monster Jam...

    Aren't you the one that was saying Syracuse and Monster Jam sucks kept on crying and complaining about Tom Meents last year?
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    Worcester Roll-Call

    Agreed - excellent line-up. Part of why I'm going. Not missing a chance to see Dennis, and I've never seen Kreg in Max D. so I'm looking forward to that. Not to mention the reps from Team Scream...haven't seen Steve drive for a while. Simms' trucks never disappoint and Robbins and Blackwell...
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    Show Related Monster Jam Uniondale - Nassau Coliseum

    Wow, thanks for the heads up. That slipped by me somehow...I never realized Tim got another new/second, more modern chassis. Jeez, where have I been? lol Too much time under my Jeep I
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    Show Related Monster Jam Uniondale - Nassau Coliseum

    I love seeing Hurricane Force go! That truck can still perform. I've been thinking that, too, with the whole team truck thing. Funny how there's a few single trucks at Uniondale performing alone that are from what's typically a 2 truck team.
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    Show Related Monster Jam Uniondale - Nassau Coliseum

    I think they changed the displays up a bit - if I remember correctly I think originally it was Digger, Crushstation, and Higher Education. Now it's all switched up :) Yeah the whole union thing sucks. I worked at the Javits center cleaning boats for the boat show a few weeks ago, I went in...
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    Show Related Monster Jam Uniondale - Nassau Coliseum

    Jeez jimbo, you're right. I totally forgot about that. The Coliseum has always had ample pit space down the tunnel, now all of a sudden they start parking trucks on the floor? It's like one thing after another, lol - although I'm sure there's some reasonable explanation. If I remember...
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    Show Related Monster Jam Uniondale - Nassau Coliseum

    Not to mention the decreased floor space since the Coliseum went to the concrete shows. That's the biggest thing that bugs me - yea it went from dirt to concrete, but when it did the floor space got smaller. That sucks.
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    Show Related Monster Jam Uniondale - Nassau Coliseum

    So who's all goin'? I'll probably head over to 2 of the shows - don't know exactly which ones just yet...yep, no tix here yet, lol. Pretty cool lookin' line-up. I like how they're hyping up TMNT on the commercials...anyone else see that? Sorta funny... Pretty happy that this year it's...
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    Red Grave Digger Rebuild

    I really like what I'm reading here. It's nice to know that there are people willing to shape things back up again instead of just letting them rot! I can almost see this becoming a special on Speed - something like "The Original Grave Diggers - Rescued From The Grave". Awesome news Adam...