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Apr 10, 2015
Dec 13, 2008
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Apr 10, 2015
    1. Biopsy
      I'm right outside of Toronto. I was at the Sunday show and they were already sold out before Sunday's event.
    2. CanadianJohn
      hey no problem i have been busy myself doing yard work, i ended up having to call cause i set everything up in my name and my mom decided to pay and because her address is different then mine it wasnt working right got it all fixed though, we got the same seats and my wifes friend is flying down from regina with her son, the people beside have 2 extra tickets so she bought them from her, so I will be able to go out since her son is old enough to watch mine. have a good one
    3. avengerfan724
      hey sorry it took me so long to get back to you. ive been sick and havent been on much. i got your message about the double down for next year i never got the e-mail at all so i ended up calling unlv on saturday and got my same tickets so im all good they had my e-mail off by one letter thats why i didnt recieve ne thing.
    4. CanadianJohn
      everyone but jim cretin he wasnt feeling well i heard a monster jam suit say, tyler decided to run back and get our camera and just as he left dennis anderson walked past, got a message from randy browns wife, nathan weenk's wife had there baby a boy, some guy posted on here he had triplets so i just wrote the they did have the baby but only one. are you on facebook at all, if you are look me up John Siegfried, my profile pics is me sitting in a grave digger. glad you r flight was good and cant wait till next year
    5. avengerfan724
      hey our flight was good actually slept the whole flight so that was nice. we got back about 5 30 monday. Yeah it was a blast and i cant wait til next year either. I saw you standing by the escalator sunday who all did you get to see?
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