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    Question about Monster Jam shows in arenas

    "This isn't the 1980's - we should go back to the traditional way!" Uh . . . . . . . . . . . . BTW pretty much all of the small arena dirt shows are the new style show with the dirt pad obstacle in the center of the floor, not just some of them.
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    Points & Racing Series

    When someone pays millions of dollars to have a promoter run a series in that manner.
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    Monster Jam 2016 announcment

    He drove almost the entire '07 season in the #1 Digger truck when Dennis was injured. That was 9 years ago.
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    If you were Bob C, 4 or 8???

    4 was sold because the buyer wanted a truck and it had the least amount of earning ability for Bob at that point.
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    San Antonio shows... Big flop

    The people who were employed by Clear Channel are most of the people that are still with the company now - the motorsports division, while well-traveled between parent companies, is nearly its own entity and other than a few retirements/departures most of the staff is the same that we had 15...
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    Your thoughts on the first televised show

    You can only do so much with a 3-hour event condensed into a 1-hour show. I'm just glad that the fans finally have something to follow week to week now. I like the obstacle course as well - maybe a little more defined course would be beneficial for the folks watching at home but I can't complain...
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    Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series

    How can you institute a fair and equal points system when MJ is in upwards of 7 cities every weekend, with a different number of shows at every venue? It's impossible. The 16-truck consistent field, and taking a select number from that field (plus whoever else would be invited anyway)...
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    Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series

    Don't forget that the top points spots are a GUARANTEED spot to Vegas. Nobody said more trucks from the championship series wouldn't make it on an invite. If you think that Dennis and Chuckie are fighting for one spot in Vegas you are kidding yourself. Both will be there for sure.
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    If the crawler software didn't go through the site then there won't be anything there.
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    #MoreMonsterJam ?

    Some shows in smaller markets are almost entirely independent trucks this 1st quarter.
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    Monster Jam 2015

    Advance is headquartered in Roanoke - just because they aren't the title sponsor of the tour doesn't mean they can't sponsor events, just like Anheiser Busch does for the big Florida stadium shows.
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    #MoreMonsterJam ?

    This excites me greatly - anything that has a points format, or a final goal beyond that night's event is a step in the right direction. It gives the fans something to follow and a way to be more engaged with the product. It keeps them going back to the website and following the brand on social...
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    There is no rule of thumb - it all depends on how many tickets sold, how much space they reserve for competitors, and other factors. Small arenas like Pittsburgh's old Civic Arena could hold an unlimited amount of competitors because in the old days, the trucks were kept outside rather than in...
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    Taurus coming back

    Nope - Paul never paid Jack for the rights to the name apparently. Jack is pretty much over it and doesn't seem to have much care about what happens, which is unfortunate.