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  • Hey, Question for you. Under posting rules it says that I "may not" post or reply to threads..., do I have to do something before I'm allowed to? How does this work?
    Please grant me access to the restricted section of the forum. I am in the process of building an old school monster truck. 5 ton rockwells with full tube chassis. I don't think I'm going racing anytime soon due to the fact that my motor is just a stock 454 out of an old RV, but I want to build it strong enough to handle later upgrades.

    Please grant me access to the restricted section of the forum. Im wanting to build my own truck and or get on with a team. About 4 years ago I was offered a driver spot with Austin 3:16 Goldberg team but had to turn it down do to being in college still but now Im done and would like to get back in touch with the teams. Thanks~ Chris
    Hi - I'm a rally driver and X Games competitor and I'm trying to get in touch with Monster Jam event organizers, especially in Toronto, possibly to look at doing an exhibition. Who should I talk to?

    Thanks for your help.

    Andrew Comrie-Picard
    I have been coming on here a lot recentley as I have just started to build a tube truck over here in the UK,But now I can't seem to get on the industry board, can I get access? I know I have not made any posts yet as i always seemed to find my answers on the Board,Look forward to hearing from you and findind more answers to my questions!
    Hi, I was wondering when we would be able to post new topics on the MTFab board again?

    I know that there was some talk about initially being somewhat overwhelming when everything was switched over to the new site. Any updates would be great.

    hey when did u become administrator?? congrats, and good luck sorting thru all the B S
    Hey just wanted to let you know I am not going to be on mayhem anymore. I am tired of being threatened by a certain person on here and before I have to do something about it I figured I would just walk away. Besides you could post a thread about the how wonderfull breathing is and wihtin 2 hours it will be a hate filled post about nothing close to the original topic. I can be reached via my regular email [email protected]

    Otherwise I won't be posting any updates on my show in Detroit via Mayhem
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