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  • Cool man, I assume from your pic that your dad is Melvin Bowers. Thats cool, I only remember the Leftovers jeep running since about '95. But yeah, I have videos from every year dating back to 1989 but I don't have anyway to upload them. I've been going since '86 so I have pics dating back to then. Glad to see another supporter though! I'm always down to promote Gravelrama, maybe I could make you a copy of one if you'll be there next year. Cheers man!
    Hey buddy hang in there I'm still trying and I think you might be suprised but I can't really say much for a few more weeks but I will make sure you know when it happens thanks for your suport all this time it has been a long road but I think we are there take care Ron
    Hey buddy just trying to finish somethings up and get this Team off the ground bare with me it will happen but when you borrow the kind of money i borrowed it take alot longer than i had expected sorry for the delay but it is really almost done take care merry christmas have pray for us thanks Ron
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