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    Adam Anderson in Grave Digger

    Don't worry, this guy overreacts to everything like he's on some sort of crusade
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    Doomsday Driver?

    It was 99.9% sure Steven Sims at the Path of Destruction tour since Stone Crusher competed but not Hooked, and the chassis of Hooked was too identical to that of Doomsday there to just be a coincidence
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    West Lebanon July 12th oponions

    Randy Brown, since he's been running with Gary Porter all year long.
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    Show Related MAY 2nd Waco Texas Baylor Stadium

    Because the dirt crew didn't even bother to make sure that the dirt ramp would've been in the pathway of the truck, and it costed Darren Migues probably hundreds of dollars in parts for something that should've been done but was not.
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    Show Related MAY 2nd Waco Texas Baylor Stadium

    There's a video on their Facebook of Menace's crash, which best shows the clear laziness and incompetence of the crew and costing someone considerable money in parts all because they couldn't be bothered to get off their hind end.
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    Show Related MAY 2nd Waco Texas Baylor Stadium

    Good! Then they can use it for a proper stadium event because from a venue stand point it looks quite good
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    Show Related MAY 2nd Waco Texas Baylor Stadium

    You know, call me jaded but I had very very low expectations for this event, and rightfully so. Remember when CFP was considered the second biggest promoter next to Monster Jam? When they were actually a big contender and could've potentially became as big as MJ? Yeah those days are long gone...
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    Question About Dennis Taft's Photos

    You know, people give this and that for why they don't come to Mayhem anymore. But I singularly blame you and your asinine topics as to why I don't come here much anymore. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
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    Eldora 2014 Saturday Photos

    He's the guy that used to drive Live Wire: And also has driven some for the Swansons in recent years
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    Radio Shack Monster Patrol

    I should have my old one somewhere in my closet. Do you have to have the wing?
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    Taurus/Bearfoot facebook page.

    I actually talked to Mac and Liz last week at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, and Liz said Mr. Duckett mocked their Bearfoot body, and said it was a joke. I'm sorry, but this guy is a tool 100% and certainly has no respect for the industry to talk like that to a respected team like that.
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    Taurus/Bearfoot facebook page.

    He is a fraud, supposedly the video of the trade off with Paul Shaefer was a joke to Shaefer's knowledge and Jack Willman has no knowledge of this deal whatsoever.
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    World Finals 15

    WAAAHHHH!!! Go cry some more.
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    MJ Syracuse

    Somehow I sincerely doubt Dennis would let his son win like that. Take Atlanta this year for example, Dennis and Ryan in the semi finals, and Ryan gets a 5 second penalty. Does Dennis say that the truck is "malfunctioning" and thereby Ryan goes to the finals? Well, look at the results and you'll...
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    Randy Moore?

    Anyone know what's going on with Randy Moore? Ever since Atlanta, crew member Darrin Goin has been running the truck at all the events.