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  • (sorry it took me so long to get back with you) that is awesome that ur so close to being finished~! are u going to transfer or completely done?
    lol, he is pretty hooked, SERIOUSLY this is all he can think about-- non stop. but i thought you would get a kick out of it. ( = so, how's school going?
    hey have another thing for you to add to that list of signs your addicted to monster trucks:

    adam heard someone talking about pink panther and thought that alan pezo was getting a new truck!!! lol

    thought you would laugh over that one!!!
    Hey dave hows it going. Finally went to another show this weekend at Jemmerstown. How you been?
    I haven't been on myspace for a while, and was wondering how you been, still MTm2'ing? I haven't been over at Draggers either.
    I wanted to ask what did THunderchicken do to get banned from here! Just wondering.
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