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    Dooms day monster truck

    I disagree entirely with your post Hawn. Higher ticket prices have been an occurrence over the past several years, not just this season alone. I don't think it is worth breaking the lineup of trucks down against the actual ticket cost. You could potentially get a show filled with "C" level...
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    Dooms day monster truck

    An extra truck performing in an already stacked lineup? A truck that clearly will be run into the ground each time as well? Sounds fantastic to me, no matter what the storyline behind it is.
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    Official 2014 Monster Jam Line-Up Thread

    I can't wait myself. It's going to be a blast to finally see a stadium show!
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    El Diablo

    The old Chevy body clearly was a throw together for last season. This gives the truck an identity to sell rather than just a name on some fiberglass. Why not?
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    Official 2014 Monster Jam Line-Up Thread

    The arena is MEGA tiny after doing an image search. Sort of surprised an MJ event is there. Love the new concept. People will complain about anything. This is the first non-hornwearing, cape flying, animal truck to come out for a non-sponsor truck yet people rip on it. I don't get it!
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    Official 2014 Monster Jam Line-Up Thread

    All of New England's a little weak this year... BUT with Gillette Stadium happening I can see why they are the way that they are. So no complaints from me!
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    Jim Koehler Injury???

    I now know you may secretly have fantasies of tying up Monster Truck Drivers in chains, tow straps and wires? Anything else I'm missing? Seriously man re-read what you wrote and ask yourself if the door wasn't opened wide up for a ball bustin'...
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    Second Half of the Expanded 28-Truck Monster Jam World Finals Field Announced

    Pretty sure the lineup is decided and known amongst many competitors before January even ends Yoda. With the amount of logistics and money involved with pulling out to Vegas I don't think any team would want to hear two weeks before they're included and have to scramble around like that.
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    Second Half of the Expanded 28-Truck Monster Jam World Finals Field Announced

    I don't see anything bad about the lineup. As more past champions come into the equation it leaves less room in the field to squeeze other deserving trucks into a spot. Neil's had a awful year in Max'd with bad luck plaguing him so I don't see an issue with his exclusion. Miller's rocked Batman...
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    2013 AAP Monster Jam World Finals Young Guns Shootout Line-up Announced

    It's an open competition for independent front runners to me. I love it. I'm going with Titan as the winner myself.
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread OOOOFFFF!
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    Show Related Just Say No To Fraud Wars!

    I don't see to many people look disappointed in quad wars whenever I'm at a show. They're always into it.
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    Truck Related The Zombie

    Galactron versus Zombie anyone? I can see a whole new routine for a side act at shows!
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    USA#1 political news!!!

    To me Jasmer only has a lifted dinosaur now... not a legit racing truck. If somebody who actively competed in the last say five years was out doing this with a stage three truck I could understand the commotion caused. He isn't mixing anything in with the sport short of his local news and this...
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    Show Related Stafford Motor Speedway Monster Jam July 28, 29

    Nice shots Cale. Great seeing everyone again too! Taryn laid down a real no fear run and deservedly won freestyle. I'm not sure if it would of held up against a full Max'd run but without a doubt she made things exciting!